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Ramatree continues to grow in freedom from the support and nourishment from like-minded people like you.
When you purchase a piece of art or watch a video from an artist, you are supporting so much more than what you immediately see. You are supporting their whole story, an essence of their entire journey up until that moment and encouraging them to continue to grow, evolve and create in freedom.  Just by being here and viewing my artistic endeavours is an encouragement in itself. Thank you.
However, if you'd like to extend your support, there's a few ways you can do so.  



Patreon is an awesome platform designed specifically for creatives. You can pledge a few dollars per video I post (which you can cap at a monthly limit). As well as making this girl very happy, in return, receive exclusive content and sweet rewards. Every little bit helps to maintain art supplies and camera gear, and allows me freedom to continue creating artistic content. Hugs in advance, thanks team!   

Travelling artist fund

Or if you'd like to skip the formalities, you can simply contribute however much you want via Paypal and make this gypsy pirate very happy. You're the ones who keep me living, moving and progressing. Don't feel obliged, but do feel free; a little from you means a lot to me.