Travelling Artist / Creative

Hey, I'm Josje.  I'm an Artist, Creative & Sailor born in New Zealand.  Ramatree represents my ever growing and evolving tree of life, which for me, holds a spiritual, organic & intuitive space where all my art grows from. 

I have been travelling the World, predominantly by sailboat for the past six years now, mostly onboard friends and families sailboats in the 45-55 foot range.  Generally, everyone on board contributes to running the boat, most of which are involved in the realm of media, documenting their travels through blog/vlog in order to fund the adventure.  I've also worked for a few privately owned sailing super-yachts.

I am an artist and creative spirit at heart, constantly trying to interpret and express my fascination and love for the world that we inhabit.  I create different kinds of art inspired from my travels and experiences, mostly in the form of painting and video making, the latter which I post to YouTube. 

To me, art is open and expansive and thats the way I like to approach it, I like to think of different branches of creativity.  Having spent most of my time at Sea with 40,000 nautical miles under the keel, I have developed a passionate love for the Ocean, where most of what I create carries an undercurrent of the magic and wonder of the big blue.